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Création de bande. Empty Création de bande.

Message  frederic le Sam 4 Jan 2014 - 12:52

J'étais en train de chercher un support historique pour créer la bande de HLL, pour Baudouin. Je cherchais donc un outlaw, répondant au nom de Baldwin.
J'ai trouvé ceci:

Cook Gang - Terrorizing Indian Territory

Though the Cook Gang was short lived, lasting less than a year, these ruthless outlaws made themselves extremely well known across the Cherokee, Creek, and Seminole Nations of Indian Territory in 1894.
It all began in the spring of 1894 when Cherokee Bill Goldsby, at the age of 18, shot a man near Fort Gibson, and believing he had killed him, fled to the Creek and Seminole Nations. There, he soon joined up with outlaws Jim and Bill Cook.

In the meantime, Cherokee Bill rode to the home of his sister, Maud Brown, hiding from the law. When her husband, George Brown, a vicious drunk, began to beat Maud with a whip for not responding quickly enough to his orders, Bill walked up behind the man and shot him to death.
The Cook Gang with Cherokee Bill Goldsby in middle front.

Afterwards, Bill Cook and Cherokee Bill rounded up a gang, mostly comprised of black men with Indian blood and began to terrorize Oklahoma. In addition to its leaders, the gang comprised of Henry Munson, Curtis Dayson, "Skeeter" Baldwin, Lon "Long" Gordon, Elmer "Chicken" Lucas, Ad Berryhill, William Farris, Jess Snyder, George Sanders, Jim French and Sam "Verdigris Kid” McWilliams.

Starting out small, they were first accused on whiskey charges and horse theft, before advancing to robbing banks, stores and stagecoaches. The outlaws were ruthless, shooting anyone who got in their way.
On July 31, 1894, the gang stole $500 from the Lincoln County Bank in Chandler, Oklahoma, killing one person and wounding others. In the process, one member of the gang, Elmer Lucas, was shot and captured by authorities.

Hotly pursued, the Cook Gang was surrounded at the home of a friend some fourteen miles west of Sapulpa, Oklahoma on August 2, 1894. During the volley of gunshots, one of the lawmen was shot and severely wounded. Two of the gang members, Lon Gordon and Henry Munson were killed and Ad Berryhill was captured. The rest of the gang fled.

Continuing with their outlaw deeds they robbed the J.A. Parkinson & Company store in Okmulgee, Oklahoma on September 21st, getting away with over $600.00.

Several weeks later, the gang got really daring when on October 11th they first robbed the depot of the Missouri Pacific Railroad in Claremore, Oklahoma and less than two hours later, robbed the railroad agent at Chouteau.

A une lettre prêt, c'est notre nom de famille!
Vola comment on choisit un gang! Reste plus qu'à prendre les figurines. Celles de Foundry me plaisent bien! Wink 

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